Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Craving the woods.
Craving rocks and roots and dirt beneath my boots.
Craving the soft stillness of the midnight forest.
The smell of my pack like sweet perfume.
The sound of my trekking poles clicking and clacking against earth.
The sensation of crisp mountain air against my bare skin.
The sun rests behind the peaks, and as I crawl into my musty tent...
I am at peace.


  1. Glad to finally hear from you. Hope your summer is going well in RMNP and that we hear more from you on any hikes you take!

  2. Beautiful place! High mountain lakes are such peaceful spots.

  3. Counting down the days ..... Looking forward to some peace :)
    Beautiful footage and great music, as always.

  4. This is such a beautiful place and it's nice to hear from you finally! You must be having a wonderful summer time at this fabulous place.